How to Create the Perfect Picnic

Whether you’re camping out in front of the fireplace at home or outside appreciating the scenery, there’s nothing quite like a picnic for changing up your routine and enjoying some quality time with the people you love.

If you’re in front of the fireplace or on your back porch, you don’t have to be too worried about forgetting something because you can just run back inside if you need anything. 

But if you’re trekking out to that sublime spot in the mountains or by that luscious blue lake your family has always loved, you’ll want to make sure you’re organized.

First, make a list of everything you need. Think of the basics we take for granted at home, such as salt, silverware, a corkscrew and napkins. Check off your list as each item is packed.

Don’t forget to pack heavier items on the bottom!

The Food

Plan on foods that can be served cold, and that with some ice packs, will keep their shape and flavor. For instance, dessert bars will hold up better than anything delicate, such as a creamy Napoleon or chocolate mousse cake.

A cheese board is always a welcome addition to a picnic, especially when paired with some juicy easy-to-eat fruit such as grapes, strawberries and cherries.

Cold fried or grilled chicken is a picnic staple. Sandwiches on sturdy bread and wraps are also ideal.

If you’ve never made bierocks, they’re favorite farmer fare brought over from Europe to the Midwest. Traditionally, it’s a bun stuffed with beef, cabbage, onions and cheese. However, we’ve been interested in a lighter, meatless version that’s been increasingly popular. Most recipes, like this one, substitute mushrooms for the meat. However, you could use any of your favorite sauteed vegetables. A baked veggie bierock makes a delicious and tidy picnic food.

If you’re going to pack salad, pack the dressing separately unless you’re preparing a sturdier pasta veggie pasta or something like coleslaw. 


Part of the loveliness of a picnic is sitting in the grass under a tree with the blue sky overhead. Don’t forget the elements that add that touch of beauty that makes a picnic truly memorable. Bring folding chairs for those who need them and spread out a beautiful tablecloth with some napkins.

And if someone plays the guitar, then by all means bring it. A portable player works, too.

Have a lovely time.